CSD 17, New york

Date: May 5 to 15, 2009 Location: New york, USA Contact person: Lauren Naville Gisnå, dcg at drylands-group.org

Monday, May 04 2009

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) was established by the UN General Assembly in December 1992 to ensure effective follow-up of United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), also known as the Earth Summit.

DCG is attending the CSD17 with representative from the secretariat and from DCG ethiopia. DCG will organized a side-event entitled " CSD17 and pubic politicies in the drylands area".

The side-event will address different dimensions of public policies among wich its implemention, conditions, stakeholders, finances and effectiveness etc...

The themes of CSD-17 are:

Major adjustments are needed in agricultural, environmental and macroeconomic policy, at both national and international levels, in developed as well as developing countries, to create the conditions for sustainable agriculture and rural development (SARD).

Land and Rural Development
Expanding human requirements and economic activities are placing ever increasing pressures on land resources, creating competition and conflicts and resulting in suboptimal use of resources. By examining all uses of land in an integrated manner, it makes it possible to minimize conflicts, to make the most efficient trade-offs and to link social and economic development with environmental protection and enhancement, thus helping to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

Drought and Desertification
Desertification includes land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry subhumid areas resulting from various factors, including climatic variations and human activities. It results in widespread poverty as well as in the degradation of billion hectares of rangeland and cropland.

In Africa, where most economies continue to heavily rural-based and agriculture-dependent, poverty eradication will depend on boosting the productivity of the agricultural and rural economy.